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Terms and conditions: This page describes the terms of use of the website http://Mkloveonline.com under which the users can make use of the services of this website. It is advised to go through the terms of use carefully before using the services of this website. If you do not agree with the terms of use please do not use the website. Agreement: The agreement states the legal agreement and bindings of the terms of use of the website with its users. Mkloveonline.com reserves the sole right to make any changes or modifications in these terms effective immediately from the date of posting. This also includes the privacy policy and any or all notices posted by the website administration. It is to be noted that the use of the website is to be considered as a privilege and by no means as a right. The website admin retains the sole right to limit certain aspects, features or content or access to certain or any part of the website without any liability to the users and without the liability of publishing any notice beforehand. Age Limit: Every user of this website must be at least 18 years of age. The age limit must be strictly met to sign up as a member. By making use of the services offered by the website you agree to all its terms and conditions and must have the legal age and authority to enter into this agreement. Services: Mkloveonline and its associated services enables its users to contact and engage in conversation with other members of the website and also participate in online events being hosted on the website. Mkloveonline may also create certain user profiles for the use of customer support representatives for the purpose of support, marketing and for the improvement of the services of the website. The customer support representatives may engage in conversation with the members and may even stimulate conversation between members through introductions and recommendations. Apart from that they may send electronic communications from time to time to gather information about how they are using certain aspects of the website. However, the user can change their preferences about receiving electronic communication from the My Account section of the website. Advertising: Mkloveonline will never attempt to scam the members of the website or involve in any kind of activities which may defraud the members. Mkloveonline will never ask for financial information from any of its members. Accounts: Any person is allowed to create only one account per person. Creating multiple accounts or impersonating any other person will lead to permanent ban from the website including deactivation of all the existing accounts that are found to be forged. You should never share your account password with anyone else. Any loss of information or mishandling of the account due to sharing of password is the liability of the user and the user alone. In case any user forgets his or her password they may request for a password change and it can be done by following the proper procedure by the authentic user. Photos: The users are requested to upload only authentic photos of himself or herself. Using fake photographs is not allowed by any means. If there is any confusion or doubt in respect of the validity of any photograph, Mkloveonline reserves the right to request a salute photo at any time during the period of your membership. Uploading fake photographs or inability to provide valid proof of a photograph may result in permanent ban from the website. Removal of information: While Mkloveonline do not and cannot review all the information you publish or display on the service or send to other members, and are not responsible for any content of these messages or materials, we reserve the right, but are not obligated, to delete, move, or edit messages or materials, that we, in our sole discretion, deem to violate our terms of use. Responsibility: The users are solely responsible for the information they publish or display on their account or send to any other member. Your profile will be available to the public which also includes but not limited to search engine services. You are responsible to keep your password safe, and you will be held responsible for any actions performed through your account. Mkloveonline will not be held responsible for any information published by its members. Losses: We are not liable for loss of data or any damage the services might cause you, your computer or anyhow else related to you. Warranty: Mkloveonline does not provide any warranty or guarantee about the availability of the service. It is provided ?as it is? and may be discontinued, modified or changed anytime without any prior notice.