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Success Stories

Meghna and Manav
Two years after my divorce from my first marriage I opened up my profile at mkloveonline. Before that I didn?t have the courage to get involved into any new relationships after the disaster of my first marriage. It was my cousin who almost forced me to open up an account at mkloveonline and she kept telling me that there is still a lot more in life to live for. But thanks to her, this is where the turning point in my life came. I never knew or have ever expected that love can be so much more than I ever knew it. Manav made me understand what it means to be in a relationship. Not just the duties and responsibilities but the joy and the fulfilling satisfaction that I have never experienced before. mkloveonline has truly changed my life from a depressed loner to a happy and fulfillment with so much energy in it. I am truly glad to heed the words of my cousin to open up my profile at mkloveonline. ..
Only a couple of days after I opened up my account at mkloveonline I started receiving messages from Warren. His words intrigued me from the very beginning. We started talking to each other and gradually came closer to each other. He makes me feel really special and I am truly blessed to have met him. He has made my life fulfilling as it can be and I am the happiest in his company. He is gentle, funny, extremely romantic and kind hearted, all the qualities that I ever wanted in a man. So it was not at all a hard decision to make when he finally made his proposal. We are going to be together forever soon and all the credit goes to mkloveonline to make it possible for us to meet each other. I wish all the best to the other members of mkloveonline to find their soul mate here. ..
Karan and Smriti
It was only about a week after I opened up my account at mkloveonline I started meeting several interesting people. The first few ones were not much of a success until I came across Smriti. She seemed to be the girl of my type from the very beginning. She is a very positive thinking girl with lots of energy. Her enthusiasm attracts me the most and makes us a lively couple. We talked for a couple of weeks through messages, email and phone calls. Finally we decided to meet and since then we have been seeing each other and have recently started to plan for our future to take it to the next level. When it comes to online dating I would definitely suggest anyone to go for mkloveonline. I definitely am one to get a real success through this dating portal. My suggestion is that if you keep looking you will definitely meet a lot of interesting people and who knows you might even find your soul mate here...